Arsenal Updates

Posted: May 7, 2008 in Arsenal

Well, it seems like Arsenal is in a bad shape now to all. Flamini, undoubtedly our brightest star of the season who has made the central midfield position his own has decided to go to AC Milan. Purportedly for 60,000 pounds a week.

It has always been about the money in today’s football. His contract with us ends in June. But why did he have to be photographed in Milan colours when he is still contracted to us? Funny, that. He came to us on a free from Marseille so it’s not a bad piece of business as we got a solid player in his few years here.

One year back, Flamini wanted to buy up his own contract because he wasn’t holding down a first team role. What a difference a good season makes, eh?

Hleb to go to Inter Milan?

Oh, and Real Madrid have taken the opportunity to dig in 35 million? You’re having a laugh for a player with 6 years left in his contract.

On the youth front, don’t forget that we will see two very talented players returning to the squad next year. Fran Merida and Carlos Vela. Fans are still expecting for a few signings from Wenger though. Defense will be the main priority for sure.


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