Champions League: Arsenal 1 – Liverpool 1

Posted: April 3, 2008 in Arsenal, Champions League, Draw

Adebayor (23)

Well, after a long hiatus, I am back. Did you miss me?

As everyone knows, this will be the first of 3 consecutive Arsenal-Liverpool matches. Two Champions League matches and one EPL match.

It turned out to be quite a lively game. Caught it in a makan place with multitudes of Liverpool fans. Several Arsenal fans were also present but were more vocal partly due to the fact that Arsenal were more in the thick of the action(attacking wise)

We started with Toure covering in right back due to Sagna’s injury. Senderos replacing him in central defence. Adebayor and Robin started up front. Liverpool also started with a centreback in the fullback’s position. Carragher went to left with Skrtel and Hyppia in the centre.

First chance fell to Ade when Reina rushed out missing the ball completely but recovers to block the ensuing cross attempt.

Van Persie had a few chances.

Firstly, a Flamini through ball dropped in for a first time shot but he couldn’t get a firm hold of the shot. What a goal that would have been……

Secondly, a Cesc pass to him was shot but Reina got it away for a corner which Robin took. I have to add here that Robin is our best set piece taker bar none. It showed when the short corner(via Cesc) was curled in by him and found Ade in the open and the Togonator added to measly goal tally in the Champions League this season(now up to two). We were controlling the game and it looked peachy but the joy was shortlived.

Somehow, three minutes later, Gerrard got past three Arsenal defenders and sent a ball in which Kuyt bundled in amongst the bodies of Senderos and Clichy. Bad defence all around.

Liverpool closed the first half strongly. At the start of the second, we saw Theo coming in. Robin was replaced. A thigh injury says the commentator. Shit, not again.

Best chance early one fell to Theo’s burst of speed and with every defender backing off, he unleashed a shot which went just wide. He continued to pose problems to the Liverpool defence but the team did not try to find him though. Is he not vocal enough or doesn’t participate in team banter? There has to be a problem somewhere.

Anyhow, my comments on the next Arsenal chance: “A CLEAR PENALTY”. Kuyt brought down Hleb by pulling his arm thereby stemming his run. How could the referee miss that even though he clearly saw the whole incident?

Liverpool were let off again later when Adebayor’s shot was palmed away from Reina and found a onrushing Cesc. However, his poke in was blocked by the massive frame of Nicklas Bendtner who came in for Eboue not too long before that.

That really is advantage Liverpool however you look at it. Hopefully, Robin will be alright but I ain’t getting my hopes up. Onto the League game then.

  1. Choon says:

    yea yea, we missed u tremendously!

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