FA Cup 5th Round 2007/2008

Posted: January 29, 2008 in Arsenal, FA Cup

Draw has been made and the big one is here

Manchester United vs. Arsenal  (to be held over the Feb 15/16 weekend)

These are the full fixtures as per FA.com

Bristol Rovers v Southampton
Cardiff City v Wolverhampton Wanderers
Sheffield United v Middlesbrough
Liverpool v Barnsley
Manchester United v Arsenal
Preston North End v Portsmouth
Coventry City v West Bromwich Albion
Chelsea v Huddersfield

  1. filmon says:

    ok i think from the 5th round fa cup the most hardest game will be between arsenal and man utd.but cfc and liverpool have the greatest opportunity to qualify.from the game between arsenal and man utd ,i think arsenal will bit man utd.what makes me to say such is that arsenal owns tactful playes than manutd so will have the greatest ability to qualify this tournament.if arsenal loss the game i am sure that it will teach the red devils(man utd) how to play the ball,because man utd is most of the time a team which wins by chance.but at last i can say that chelsea is going to be the winner of the cup

  2. greatgunner says:

    that’s true.At least the part on mu winning scrappy games against us. However, our recent record against them in the FA Cup haven’t been good either. I did like the final from a few years back. Sometimes it pays to win ugly.

  3. Ben says:

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