Premiership: Arsenal 2 – West Ham 0

Posted: January 2, 2008 in Arsenal


Match Gunner: Cesc Fabregas (Dominated the game especially in the second half)

We started the match with a few changes to the normal team. Hleb and Sagna were rested and were replaced by Eduardo and Hoyte.

We started the match well; with a goal. Rosicky took it to the left and found Cesc . He saw Dudu lurking with intent and unmarked, crossed it to him and Dudu just chested it down and finished with a goal in one smooth flowing move. I like Eduardo.

From then on, you would think it was all Arsenal but West Ham had it’s chances too particularly a Anton Ferdinand header which was cleared from the “post”man Clichy. The game was an open affair and both sides had good opportunities to get a goal. You have to say that West Ham was looking like the commanding team though.

Strangely enough, 18 minutes on and we scored the second. A long pass from Clichy found Adebayor. He bounce-headed the ball past the onrushing Green and just when it seemed the ball had eluded him to go out for a goal kick, Ade found the goal with such a tight angle, you wouldn’t have thought possible. Kanu vs Chelsea??

We had a shout at a penalty when Spector handballed in the area but with us leading 2-0? No way that was going to happen then.


Second half and Arsenal took control of the game. West Ham was still reluctant to put more players forward and we looked comfortable defending a lead. Eduardo nearly got a header in but he was slightly pulled down by the West Ham defender. Eduardo was taken out to be replaced by Walcott and Eboue was replaced by Hleb. Even the introduction of Ashton and Henri Camara did not add much to the West Ham case. We ended the second half as we ended the first. 2-0.

We came into the game with West Ham having the historical advantage. They have beaten us at home on the previous two encounters. Guess they’re not so lucky today. Eduardo is a tidy player. Turn and wham. A goal. Arsene has compared him to a young Robbie Fowler. He has a few known tricks. He blinks constantly so that he will be able to get a slow motion feeling of the ball stroking the back of the net which increases the accuracy and his puff of the cheek when striking the ball adds to his weight and increases the power of the shot. I’m surprised other players have not picked up on this and emulate his “ahead of his time” techniques. Just joking, Dudu. I’m certain that you will be an Arsenal legend. Have not felt this excited about an Arsenal player since Robin came in.

Speaking after the match, Arsene answered a few points.

West Ham were looking a little lethargic after their weekend “exertions” to beat Man Utd.

Of course, it gave us a little plus, especially in the second half, they had nothing to push on. It happens to us as well you know, and sometimes the other teams play teams who have played against us, and they take advantage of it as well.

On the goal from Adebayor

I still don’t understand how it went in.

On the goal from Eduardo

I feel the first goal was a great finish as well because it looked so natural. It looked just chest and then in the back of the net in a fraction of a second, you know? He’s a clinical finisher, Eduardo.

Moving on to the other matches of the day. Man Utd won 1-0 over Birmingham and Chelsea had a lucky 2-1 victory over Fulham so we are still ahead of Manchester United by two points and all the doomers who predicted a meltdown especially after our loss to Middlesborough and the 0-0 draw to Portsmouth, I say Ha!


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