Match Preview: Everton – Arsenal 29-12

Posted: December 29, 2007 in Arsenal, Arsene, Match Preview, Premiership, Van Persie

I thought that I would put my two cents in seeing that there is so much official news and views coming out in the past few days.  This match will be shown at 1.15 am here. First up, Wenger makes the same comments that he had been dispensing for a while.

1) We have a large squad and even top class players have to compete for their places. Diarra too.

2) Beckham will train with the team in January – It ‘s nothing really. Just a player looking for some peers to train with. The youngsters might benefit from his technique for crosses

3) We will not buy anyone in January – he cheekily adds a remote probability of doing otherwise

Moving on to real match preview stuff. Gallas is fit and ready for the match although Walcott, Robin and Eboue won’t be traveling with the squad. Walcott is rested after his recovery from flu. Eboue because he has played a lot of games. Robin still suffers from a “little” muscular problem. I wonder how little that is because he has already missed the Spurs and Pompey ones and will also not be in the Everton and West Ham matches. Will he make it/risked for the Burnley away game in the FA Cup? I think even Arsene doesn’t know the answer to this one.

One thing though, with Eboue and Walcott not playing, would we revert to a 4-4-2? The most obvious right midfield candidate now is Hleb and that would release the forwards position to either Dudu or Bendtner. That is what I would like to see though. In truth though, I believe Dudu or Diaby will be in the left while Rosicky takes up the right. I really hope Arsene surprises us on this one.

Oh, and Arsene has given the green light for Jens to go off and seek a place in Germany’s Euro 2008 team elsewhere.


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