TGIF Queensbay 3 course meal photos

Posted: November 14, 2007 in Penang, TGIF Queensbay
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My department had a little excursion to TGIF Queensbay Mall Penang today to try out their 3 Course Meal. They mailed a text menu for us to pre-choose but we wanted a visual taste of what it actually is. Luckily, 5xmom had some pics and I stress some. It helped me to decide somewhat. Thanks 5xmom! Anyhow, since their website is still under construction; this is my little contribution to all the others who wants a peek at how it looks like. I’ll start with the appetizers.

First up: Fried Calamari
Fried Calamari

Fried Calamari Closeup

Shrimp Martini. Love that succulent closeup!

Shrimp Martini

Shrimp Martini Closeup

Mac ‘N Cheese Bites

Mac N Cheese Bites

Entrées in the next post!

  1. Glad my photos entice you to try. The fried calamari looks good but I haven’t tried yet. Must do so the next time I eat at TGIF.

  2. I had the fried calamari and I assure you that it looks and tastes good.
    I have arranged this set of photos from best to good. Excellent service from TGIF staff in Queensbay too. Well pleased. 🙂

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