Premiership : Arsenal 2 – Manchester Utd 2

Posted: November 4, 2007 in Arsenal, Arsene, Cesc Fabregas, Eduardo, EPL, League Cup, Premiership, Theo

Gallas(og 45) , C.Ronaldo (83)
Fabregas (48), Gallas (91)

Match Gunner: Cesc Fabregas

The match started with everyone anticipating a renewal of the rivalries of years before. Both sides have gone through a period of transition since then, most noticeably Arsenal. The miss from the Horse Faced One showed you the amount of passion evident in those games.

But, there can be no denying that the fire has gone down somewhat on this fixture over the past two years. This game was different as both teams are currently 1st and 2nd in the league and a win here might translate to a virtual 6 point gain in the premiership race.

There was almost nothing worth mentioning in the first half. Anderson’s constant moaning and playacting in the middle was a laugh though. He must have realized that he had to do something to avoid the second yellow and decided to pin the blame on the Arsenal players from then on. Hate players who wave the imaginary card to the ref too. Would love to have the pic of Cesc imitating his moaning gestures at his face.

We DID concede the goal though. Ronaldo’s pass found Rooney at the near post and he tried to flick it through to the middle but Gallas’ late sliding tackle to prevent that saw him putting it in our own net via his his shins and finally his hands.Bad scoreline at halftime.

Second half began and we immediately took it up a notch. Bacary Sagna latched on to a block from Van Der Sar off Adebayor’s shot and slid it to Cesc who made no mistake in putting it in an almost empty net. Ferdinand on the line could do nothing about it.

Second half was way open after that. Both teams had their own half chances. Rooney heading off target when he was very open. Hleb miscuing a shot he made room for.

Man Utd’s second goal came after Saha was subbed in for Tevez. He made a nice through pass to Evra. Almunia made the decision to come out and left the goal vulnerable to the cut back from Evra to Ronaldo who slid it in an empty net. Cue mass celebrations from all the Man Utd supporters in the world. They were all congratulating each other and gloating over the Arsenal fans as if they had already won it. Typical. They were to regret it soon enough though 🙂

Fate would have it that there was still a twist in the plot. Evra very nearly conceded an own goal when Eduardo’s cross was mis cleared. Eduardo also had a half chance when he volleyed from the left. It was a good shot but unfortunately, too high. Then in injury time, the moment of truth arrived when Clichy charged through the left wing and made a delicious cross which evaded Gallas and found Walcott. He duly chipped it to Gallas who side footed it. Van Der Say palmed it away to Walcott who tried to shoot it again once or twice but it didn’t matter. Cesc ran and told him so as the goal had already been given. It had been ruled in by the linesman(definitely in from the replays) from our captain’s shot. Van Der Sar’s save had occured way inside the goal line. Wonderful. Simply wonderful.

Catch the breathtaking equaliser before copyright cops remove it. (first 10 seconds are blank)

If you can’t access flash videos, have a look here for the aftermath: courtesy of Arseblogger from Arseblog.In all fairness, nobody deserved to win the game as both sides showed an unusual timidness and the lack of the usual crisp passing movement usually associated with both teams. However, whenever a goal is scored at injury time. it always elicits delight or heartache. Depending on whose side you’re on . Van Perise vs Southampton anybody?? click on the more button for vid.

Even though it finished as a draw, there can be no doubt who was the happier side at the end.

This is reflected in the post match interviews:

Wenger: “Our character was tested, we were twice down, one time just before half time, that’s usually mentally difficult, then with eight minutes to go. Twice we managed to come back.”

Ferguson: “I can’t believe it. We have thrown it away. It was a lack of concentration, particularly for their first goal. We should have cleared it towards the corner flag, but didn’t. I thought we had done it, but this is football.

Good resilience from our side too as I grudgingly admit, the captain has brought in steel to the side.

We had to fight. We said if we had to die we would die together on that field

Would have been happier with 4 points from these two games but it is better than losing. We just need to keep this tempo up and avoid what we have been doing in the past years. Losing to the “weaker” teams. Coming up, the away fixture to Slavia Prague on Wednesday.

The draw for the League Cup quarterfinals is also out. We will be scheduled to travel to Ewood Park to meet Blackburn on the 19th of December.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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