The Premiership Week 10

Posted: October 19, 2007 in EPL, EPL Fantasy League, Premiership, Van Persie

Internationals are over. On to Week 10 and the latest injuries due to the fallout.

Van Persie is definitely out after doing his knee
some getty love for all
Senderos is also out. Good news from the Arsenal camp is that Gallas, Lehmann and Rosicky are back for selection if Le Boss wants them in the squad

Torres should be good to go.

Torres trained well on Wednesday and we will have another session on Thursday and Friday afternoon, then we will make a decision. We have three players who are very close to returning and we will see how they are before I decide on the team to face Everton.It is always a risk but I will talk to the doctor and maybe it is not such a big risk here.

3 players? I know Xabi Alonso is rated as 50-50 in some articles. Could Agger possibly be back in contention too??

Drogba is shouting for a release from the Chelsea hell. It seems that he had doubts since day one. Funny.
Cole and Terry both missed the fun filled England-Russia clash. Initial reports show that both are doubtful for the Boro match. Wayne Bridge will be out too. Who will be filling in at left back then?
Oh. Lamps is back by the way.

No changes in the Man Utd camp. Long term injuries Silvestre, Carrick, and Neville are all out. Hargreaves is fit for selection.

Sven’s concerned about jet lag in Elano This stems from experience with other South American stars he has had the pleasure of managing like Salas, Veron and Crespo. Seems like one of those chaps always felt a tad bit woozy after flying cross the Atlantic Ocean.

Oh, and Paul Robinson is out after his “exertions” for England against Russia which Stevie G has had a go at him for.

Paul will feel disappointed with the second goal

I’m quite sure the managers will be doing some reshuffling for this weekend. Good luck guys. Cheers.

  1. CW Woo says:

    Shit!!! persie out, haihhh
    seems like i need to get owen ni

  2. Are you sure Owen is a good buy?? I guess they are both priced the same. No love for Agbonlahor anymore?

  3. CW Woo says:

    haha,could be,coz he din perform in international, might fire up in the coming games
    i bought berbatov though, owen too pricey for me,berbatov cheaper!
    hey, they all seems like bz,no one kasi comment,hahaha,or they planning some secret weapon

  4. You are gone now….. this week cannot breakaway, lagi dikejar orang lain.. KL did this to you??

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