October 2007 International Week Roundup-1

Posted: October 12, 2007 in Arsenal, EPL, Premiership
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Well, it’s that time of the year again where the Premiership is disrupted yet again by the international week. For club managers, this means two things

1) They might get a rest from the daily bustle and have the chance to go get a decent haircut

2) They have sleepless nights worrying that the team physio will not have a chat with him tomorrow morning about how player A has done his cruciate playing in a bore 0-0 draw against Mars FC.

Let’s hope our lads get through. We have been doing well above pre-season expectations so far.

Back to the reason I decided to post today: A quick round up of the tasty news on the Premiership

The thing with the Kolo article on our form is a laugh. Compare this summary from the article:

Kolo Toure claims 10-in-a-row is just the start – because Arsenal believe they are Invincible once again.

to the actual contents

“When we go out on the pitch we believe we will win. When you’re winning games you sometimes have that kind of feeling. You think you’re going to win. You think the win will come along and that’s what happened to us and we are really happy with that. We always go on and get the winner at the moment. Things have been right for us because every time we need to come back and win we do it and we ought to keep going.We have the mental strength this season to go and get a win and not a draw.“For the moment we can’t talk about the title.
We just have to focus on doing well and playing well, enjoying it and making our fans happy.”

Hey, whatever sells right??

  1. CW Woo says:

    haha,no ppl comment again. maybe they don understand wat u r writing

  2. Dunno. It seems like nobody is clicking on the links….

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