Blades of Glory

Posted: August 22, 2007 in Movie Review

A quick review of a good comedy. Most Malaysians might not even know that this was showed in Malaysian Cinema. Why do I say this? I was among maybe 20 odd people in the cinema hall. Right, down to business. No artsy movie poster here. It is a tale of two male ice skaters. Pure and simple
BoG Movie Poster
Blades of Glory is headed by Will Ferrell(Talladega Nights) and Jon Heder(Napolean Dynamite). Nothing new from them as Will plays the obnoxious loud mouth in the form of Chazz Michael Michaels; a world class ice skater addicted to sex. Jon plays his usual role; a blank goody goody character in the form of Jimmy MacElroy an orphan trained to be an uber ice skater by his foster father(who used to train racehorses) The plot is straight to the point. Two skaters get banned from professional skating for fighting on the podium. A loophole enables said skaters to enter as doubles rather than the respectively banned singles event and the movie continues along their journey to reach the world championships.

It is sort of ploddy at times but there is no denying that it is a funny movie perfect for a lazy afternoon. Wonderful scenes like the cock lock, the 180 starwheel, the peacock flight and the jockstrap grab and boob grab are all good comedy pieces. * Once you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know which of my phrases coincide with which action 😉 Supporting cast give a respectable showing with Amy Poehler and her husband(Saturday Night Live) and Jenna Fischer(The Office-U.S.) the other stars who provide comedy relief.

I give it a 4/5 for a comedy movie. Perfect as a DVD session.


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