Traffic Grouses (Part 2) Touch N Go Card

Posted: May 27, 2007 in Arsenal


Touch ‘N Go Cards,

It has become a necessity for most bridge users. Theoretically whizzing through the toll lanes with just a minor stop and “Touch ‘N Go”. As you continue with your journey, you look back and snigger at the group of people still waiting for a receipt, spending time digging for spare change and waiting for the operator to hand over the change.
Of course, there will be times when the person in front of you nonchalantly touches the card to the scanner only to see that he’s out of balance. At times, I think that there are idiots that purposely do this to avoid the crawl on the reloading lane.

That brings me to the aforementioned issue. Why does there have to be a crawl at the Reloading Lane? I don’t actually know what the reloading operators do. Some are fast, some are so slow that I suspect that they are poring through your details and sniggering at your low balance(Another gripe about Touch N Go) All they have to do is set up a reloading machine there ala Singapore’s EzLink
or Taiwan’s Easy Card
Easy Card
reloads at their MRT stations.
No receipts. No hassle. No operator discrepancy. Speaking of which, does Putra and Star LRT have this reloading machine? From what I recall, no. Instead, you have the reloads at the banks, petrol stations which charge you 50 cents extra. When will you learn, Malaysia?


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