Posted: March 25, 2007 in Movie Review

300 poster
I’ll give this movie 4 out of 5.
It’s pretty entertaining. The visuals are spectacular-the whole movie was shot in front of a blue screen-giving the art director plenty of freedom to design BIG backgrounds using CGI.
A lot of slow motion-normal motion transitions are used for a stylized look during the pivotal moments of the show. The director managed to not overuse it.
It is for the majority, a testosterone-fueled movie with fight scenes galore. For the ladies, there are plenty of six-packs running around too.
Maybe they refer to this movie as the 1800?

Prepare your breakfast and eat hearty,… for tonight we dine in hell!” – King Leonidas

  1. Choon says:

    tonite we dine at TGI Fliday!!
    hey, this kennysia blog oso veli famous, got chicks surround him 1

  2. Of course la…. he’s voted the most famous Malaysian Blog….he also very leng chai and humourous.
    For Sg one leh… look for Xiaxue. Not my cup of tea but whatever rocks their boat….

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