Flashback – Goodbye Boys

Posted: January 6, 2007 in Movie Review


This 2006 movie set in 1990 is directed and written by Bernard Chauly; an ex-student in my secondary school(that’s what most 13-17 year olds in Malaysia go to)

8 boys, 5 days, 100km, one coming of age journey…

That’s the tagline of the show; and it sums up what this movie is based on. An expedition to fulfill the requirements of getting a King Scout qualification.

This show is close to my heart as I have gone through similar experiences as a part of 02 Kinta Troop in St. Michael’s Institution. This is for sure, going to be a biased and personal review for me and I’ll point out why.

1. All the songs in the film sung by the ‘patrol’ members are authentically either 02 or universal scout songs. Haven’t heard them in ages.
2. Catching glimpses of my beloved alma mater; from the parlour to the La Salle Centre(prom night venue) to the cobbled and shaded walkway(which was actually completed circa 1996.)
3.”Awan kumulus nimbus” , gatherings, playing in the rain, bamboo skewers, dampers, backwoodsman cooking, 02 shoulder patch, Master Timothy, Brother Vincent
4. The uncertainty surrounding a Form 5 Boy. Leaving your school and venturing into the unknown.

Disturbing discrepancy found in the movie:
Wearing a t-shirt without the scarf-definite no-no in any authentic 02 scout’s book. You’ll get rapped by Master Timothy. Not to mention that it’s the perfect shield for your neck from getting sunburned

On to the review
The cast is relatively good for first-timers. Stereotyped one dimensional characters they may be; as pointed out early in the film.

Strong,silent leader
Nerdy boy
Fat boy
Ladies Man
Stickler for the rules
Rich Boy

From the start of the film, all the different personalities are given straight away. The part about the mother who is short on money but is worrying the son has nothing to eat on the way and provides him with some canned food and leaving some money on the sly. Typical Asian way of showing motherly love. As the guys begin their journey everything is organized. The rogues appear in the form of the Joker and the Ladies Man who take a short cut by hitching on a lorry. They reach their destination in Kampar. The 20km checkpoint and rest for a day. Stories are told, games played.
Second day and the sun is taking it’s toll again and you can see the exhaustion in most of them but they manage to reach Tanjung Tualang…..to be continued

  1. Ng Kin Loon says:

    Hey! Don’t know who you are but for sure, I’m your Scout brother. Maybe you are my senior or junior. I was with 02 Kinta from 1991 to 1995. Bernard Chauly was actually my SI then. I was there in the rain, in the bush, bamboo, mangrove & raffia string. Parang in one hand digging the next hole to put up the support beam for our wet line/dry line & table. Master Timothy screaming at our faces & Peter Pak fatso climbing trees. Sigh….those were the good old days.

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